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Soca Food Bank Manchester

Food Bank in Manchester & the North

We provide a Soca food bank in the north of England to help people in our local community. The number of people using food banks across the UK has risen from tens of thousands to millions since 2006. There are many factors contributing to the rise of food poverty, including national welfare reforms, the rise of zero hours contracts, and struggling local economies. We also provide food, toiletries and other essentials. We go from door to door to get the food to the people as a pop-up service.

The people’s pop-up food bank helps people in crisis.

We know that anyone can find themselves in a financial crisis and we’re here to help. Individuals and families face challenges such as job loss, debt and eviction, benefit issues, homelessness, domestic violence, substance misuse, and physical and mental health problems. Real people find themselves in need of our support.

Millions of families may be just one pay-cheque away from needing a food bank.

The food packs we give out contain enough food for seven days. We try to provide a good quantity of nutritious, high quality food in our food packs, and tailor each pack to meet people’s dietary requirements and preferences. We believe in respecting people’s food choices no matter what financial predicament they find themselves in. We also supply toiletries when available.

Due to the Covid 19 crisis we are asking everyone who would like food donated to contact us on our main numbers below. Alternatively, email us. We will bring the food to you.

If there are any local community shops in region such as grocery stores who donate food, please call or send an email to make arrangements first. Please do not visit our business premises because of Covid 19 crisis.

If you want to donate, please use the below information.
  • Sort code: 08-71-99
  • Account number: 96017577
  • Reference: SFB8824
  • Account Name: Soca Life Up North

Soca Food bank

30 Polebrook Avenue
M12 4EL.
Tel: 07876 367 380

At the food-bank we do our best to support people in need and we are proud to say, our food bank is available to everyone. All food bank users need to do is call with their requirements, we will do our best to meet them. Our food bank delivers too, not all food banks do.

The Soca Food bank is powered by: Tropical Media.

Tropical media (supporting the soca food bank) is an equal opportunities group with diverse members from a variety of West Indian and Eastern Caribbean Islands. We are happy for anyone and everyone to join the group and membership is available throughout the year.

Our main focus is arts and cultural art, particularly the performing arts. For more information about our cultural arts please visit our web site ‘About Page’. The work we do is voluntary. We do not hire professional fund raisers to carry out fund raising, we fund raise as a team, throughout Christmas, Easter and summer.The work we do is voluntary and all cultural workshops are free of charge for the benefit of the community.

If we can be of any assistant to your organisation we would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, for your time. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Everyone at Tropical Radio.


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