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Hurricane support for hurricane Irma Barbuda & hurricane Maria Dominica

The people on the islands of Bermuda and Dominica have suffered horrendously from this year’s hurricane season.

As an eastern Caribbean radio station working with the community we would like to support the people affected and we are hoping everyone will support the cause.

While we site in our comfy homes, safe from natural disasters, spare a thought for those in peril. If we can make a small difference our help will be worthwhile.

We are running a small campaign to help certain villages in the island. This is because certain villages appear to be too distant for immediate help or are not able to shout as loud as the larger townships affected .

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting local businesses to support the islands through giving what they can. In return, to the businesses who supports the cause we will give free ads on the station.

So, for advertising you will be directly supporting the hurricane victims, raising the profile of your organisation.

Watch this space for more information.

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