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DJs and Presenters Wanted

DJs & Presenters Wanted

DJs and presenters wanted at Tropical Radio and TV. We are in our third year and would like to thank everyone who contributes for all the hard work. A big thank you goes out to our sponsors too. The support that we receive enables us to keep the Eastern Caribbean culture alive and the tradition strong. Without everyone’s support we couldn’t give you the very best in Eastern Caribbean music and culture.

Would you like to get involved in media broadcasting?
Are you a budding DJ or presenter?

We are currently looking for DJs and presenters for our upcoming outside broadcast team. If you would like to become involved in covering live events or commentating on carnivals and cricket matches get in touch. You never know, it could be the launch pad you need to begin a great career in broadcasting media. Contact the studio on: 0161 273 5622


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