Welcome to Tropical Radio and TV

Tropical Media is a radio, TV and social media, not for profit organisation, based in the north of England and Antigua.  Working with our partners, we aim to bring a genuine Caribbean experience to our listeners throughout the world. 

Tropical Media is dedicated to bringing a slice of the Caribbean straight to your home through music, here in the UK and around the world. We play a variety of music from around the Eastern Caribbean, as well as other genres, representing the Eastern Caribbean and beyond. Our mission is to grow the stations popularity and to promote our Eastern Caribbean Culture.

For a full list of partner products and services please see the advertisers page.

Tropical Radio and TV, “Playing you the best in Caribbean music”.

We aim to deliver the best quality in music, with an ethos of supporting upcoming new artists. So, if you have new music that you’d like to send to the radio station, please email your music to info@tropicalmedia.co.uk.

We also offer a wide range of promotional and advertising opportunities for sponsors, including social media.  Why not promote your products and services to our dedicated audience of listeners and through our extremely popular social network?  Contact us for details on: Tel: 07867 763 239 (Advertising).

Tropical Radio runs as a non-profit broadcaster for the love of the Eastern Caribbean people who reside in the UK and abroad. The music we play is 99% SOCA and Calypso where with other radio stations you hardly get 5% SOCA. Our main aim is to keep the culture alive and the tradition going.

Tropical Media is run by MECC which is a voluntary non profit organisation.

We are inviting our listeners to get involved

Love Tropical Radio?  If so, why not get involved and get your very own news article featured on our website?  We are inviting our listeners to get involved by writing a news article on Eastern Caribbean music which will be featured in the news section of the website. So, dig out old images of your favourite SOCA band and let us know what happened to them and why they are so great.

Once your article and images are together, send an email entitled ‘Listeners News Feature’ to: info@tropicalradio.co.uk.

Tropical Radio & TV was founded in 2013 by Daddy Sydney from The JSCFM & The MECCFAC.  Tropical Radio runs as a Non-profit Broadcaster.

Love Tropical Radio, we do. 

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